SmartGreenScans for LCA of Photovoltaics

SmartGreenScans is fully dedicated to help photovoltaic module- and system producers to understand and report their environmental footprint based in full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This includes evaluation of Carbon Footprint, Toxicity and other environmental impacts, energy payback time and life-cycle emissions to air and water.

Mariska de Wild-Scholten is world expert on LCA of Photovoltaics including crystalline silicon-, silicon thin film-, CIGS-, CdTe-, dye-sensitized- and Concentrator PV systems. She helps companies setting up an efficient data collection system and has extensive benchmark data available for a fast data validation.

Contact us if you are interested in a well-balanced, comparable, accurate, timely, clear and reliable environmental footprint evaluation of your PV-modules or systems!

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Life Cycle Assessment of Photovoltaics Status 2011, Part 1 Data Collection, report published by SmartGreenScans:  Sample Pages   |   ORDER FORM