Carbon footprint of photovoltaic modules and systems

Contact SmartGreenScans if you want to obtain a carbon footprint certificate of your photovoltaic modules! We have benchmark data available and can provide certification according to the ISO14067 standard.

The carbon footprint is a life cycle assessment with the analysis limited to emissions that have an effect on climate change. It is quantified using the indicator Global Warming Potential (GWP). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has defined the GWP100a as the relative effect of a greenhouse gas in terms of climate change considering a fixed time period of 100 years. It is expressed as carbon dioxide equivalents.

SmartGreenScans Carbon Footprint certificate

The three “standards or specifications”:

The French Simplified Carbon Footprint / Bilan Carbone Simplifié

PV module producers who want to submit for the French tender of photovoltaic installations more than 100 kWp, known as "charges de l’appel d’offres portant sur la réalisation et l’exploitation d’installations photovoltaïques", need to calculate a Simplified Carbon Footprint or "Bilan Carbone Simplifié". SmartGreenScans can provide this calculation. Please note that the results of the Simplified Carbon Footprint cannot be compared with full Carbon Footprint values because it is based on 1) module composition EXCLUDING yield losses, 2) Cumulative Energy Demand (CED) of the module components so EXCLUDING direct emissions of for example CF4, NF3 and SF6, 3) IEA CO2 values of heat & electricity instead of CO2-eq of electricity, 4) etcetera. You can arrive at lower values of CED than provided in table 2 of the tender when a full LCA is performed based on your own process data. SmartGreenScans can provide this calculation.

SmartGreenScans Bilan Carbone Simplifie Photovoltaique